ProVisors Power Networking is a video series we’ve created exclusively for our members.  Each short bite-sized video features one of our members offering their best tips, ideas, and strategies on networking. We want to help all members get the most out of their ProVisors membership and… network like a pro.

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“Ways to Become more Approachable” by Karen McCloskey of CMH Wealth Management, LLC. In this short video, Karen recommends that you have your profile and description updated and to study the RSVP list before attending meetings. Being prepared will help you connect in a meaningful way.

“The Effective Elevator Pitch” by Amy Mariani of Mariani Mediation Services. In this short video, she provides key tips to perfecting your perfect pitch.

“Strategic Out-of-Region Guesting” by Sami Azhari of Azhari, LLC. In this short video, Sami provides tips on how to be successful guesting and how to get the most out of regular guesting.

“Giving a Great ProVisors Testimonial” by Tanya Patterson of Patterson Investments. In this short video, she recommends powerful techniques to effectively follow up on PV referrals.

“How to Introduce Yourself in a Memorable Way at a ProVisors Meeting” by Chris M King of Status Flow. In this short video, he offers unique tips to leave a lasting first impression for you and your business.

“Wallflower Power: Using Introversion to Your Advantage When Networking” by Saja Raoof of Saja Raoof, Inc Law Corporation. In this short video Saja will give introverts tips on how to give testimonials and referrals while deflecting attention.

“Approaching Every Meeting with a Giving Spirit” by Josh Gliken of Bowie & Jensen, LLC. In this short video Josh talks about being genuine in order to make a referral connection, expressing thankfulness and giving back.

“Networking 101:” What to Say When You Have Nothing to Say” by Regina Lark of A Clear Path, LLC. Regina gives us tips on conversation starters and how to make the personal professional.

“Giving an Over the Top Testimonial” by Preston Howard of Rose City Realty, Inc. In this short video, Preston demonstrates how powerful a testimonial can be for the giver and the receiver.

“Getting the Most Out of Every Troika” by Jennifer Oliver of Buchanan Igersoll. In this short video, Jennifer explains how to request a troika and with who and explains troika etiquette.

“The Power of the Tagline” by Douglas Duerr or Elabee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, LLP. In this short video, Doug offers tips on creating a tagline that will make you and your brand memorable.

“Making a Memorable Self Introduction” by Lauren Hauptman of Lauren Hauptman Ink. In this short video, she’ll describe the importance of making a memorable and effective introduction and being remembered for the right reasons.

“Getting More Involved” by Carter Welch of Shirlaws Group & Fig Tree Group. Carter suggests simple things you can do to enhance the value of your membership and to get to know others outside of your home group.

“Making an Effective Introduction” by Susan Winshall of Zions Bank. Susan demonstrates ways to connect people the right way, in person or via email – in the most efficient and effective manner.

“Differentiating Yourself” by Daniel Shulman of Vedder Price P.C. In this short video, Dan recommends having a clear perspective of yourself, your value and the importance of knowing your competition.  This will help set you apart from your peers  and and open doors.

“Establishing and Strengthening Your Personal Brand” by Krista Mitzel of the Mitzel Group, LLP. Krista shares invaluable tips in standing out from the crowd, utilizing social media to your advantage, and the importance of effective communication and punctuality.

“Virtual Networking: A Guide to Success” by Richard Wang of Veridian Mortgage. In this short video, he offers ways to network effectively in our new virtual-social world.