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If you feel like the world suddenly changed overnight, you’re right, it did. So while it’s no longer business as usual, business still needs to get done. It’s during times like these, when uncertainty abounds, that having a community of business professionals to support you and your clients is priceless. That community is ProVisors.


Six thousand members strong, and nationwide, virus or no virus, we remain current, connected and committed to assisting one another in adjusting to this new business reality. Virtual business meetings are continuing every day, and our members are staying connected. The business landscape may look very different in just a few months and overcoming this situation is only half the battle. How you recover and rebuild will be equally as important.


The odds are excellent that in the coming weeks you or your clients will need a resource that you never needed before. It may be banking for credit lines, insurance, advice on employment law, tech assistance etc., the list goes on. ProVisors members have access to over 6,000 other member professionals who are there to assist. If it’s true that there is strength in numbers, then the members of ProVisors will manage this crisis jointly and together come through this stronger than most.

The world has changed. We’re going to make the best of it. And we invite you to do the same by joining us and contributing to the Power of ProVisors.

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