Benefits of ProVisors Membership

Reap the rewards

Build your network and grow your business, locally and nationally. The exclusive ProVisors system enables successful professionals to quickly get to know, like and trust each other. Cross-referrals are the natural outcome. New clients are the result.

Benefits of ProVisors Membership

Reap the rewards

A fundamental principle that makes ProVisors work is that we accelerate the critical path to commerce. Our system enables successful professionals to quickly get to know, like and trust each other. Cross-referrals are the natural outcome. New clients are the result.

Access 7,000+ of America’s Most Trusted Advisors

Exponentially expand your network to generate referrals and new business from leading advisors in other professions, or with different specialties in your own field, anywhere. Legal, accounting, finance, investing, marketing, recruiting, tech, life coaching – you name it.

Become more valuable to your clients

Your ProVisors network will make you a hero with your clients. You’ll be valued not only for your own expertise, but also for the other trusted advisors you can bring in from other fields when you see a need. Become a go-­to resource with a portfolio of relevant contacts.

Elevate your brand locally and nationally

A prestigious ProVisors membership amplifies and elevates your personal brand and your firm’s brand. Gain new visibility on a local and a national scale with opportunities to share your thought leader content and business achievements on ProVisors online platforms.

New business and new friendships

Your fellow members will introduce you to new clients, and vice versa. But ProVisors is not only good for business. You’ll discover a sense of community, fellowship and belonging – things that have become even more essential in these challenging and isolating times.

New member fast-track ramp-up program

Start getting the most out of your membership from the moment you join. Our individualized new member ramp-up program will ensure you’ll hit the pavement running and maximize the value of ProVisors right away. See details below.

Member Benefits:

Largest U.S. network of Trusted Advisors

  • 7,000+ ProVisors members, in 13 regions, refer business to each other
  • Exclusive membership in a prestigious, carefully curated, invitation-only community of America’s Most Trusted Advisors
  • Premier national organization for professionals (America’s most trusted advisors) who are leaders in their respective fields
  • System for leveraging relationships generates cross-referrals. Receive referrals to new clients. Refer your clients to other members with relevant expertise, thus enhancing your value to your own clients
  • Get advice, contacts, and knowledge from peers, in the professional as well as the personal sphere
  • Members can instantly access online profiles of 7,000+ members nationwide, searchable by name, area of expertise, geography, and group
  • Lifelong friendships: the unexpected benefit

Build your network (and your business)

  • Engage in your monthly Home Group meetings. Groups curated with optimum mix to maximize cross referrals
  • Participate in Troikas – meetups after each Home Group meeting
  • Guest at 300+ meetings nationwide. Scale your business: increase geographical reach. Get well-known by more people, quickly
  • Attend and join monthly Affinity Groups dedicated to a specific topic like Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Technology
  • Attend Group socials
  • Join us for ProVisors Mixers by Region
  • Grow your business via ProVisors “Know, Like, Trust, Refer.” model, a proprietary system for leveraging the power of relationships

Branding and visibility

  • If you are the managing partner or owner of a middle-market firm, a ProVisors membership for senior partners will exponentially increase brand awareness in the community, grow each partner’s network, expand books of business and build new skills
  • New members are featured in our monthly newsletter
  • New members are highlighted on Regional LinkedIn Group pages
  • Recognition opportunities – Your awards and achievements will be posted on our website for all the world to see and improve your own SEO
  • Get Published! – Post your Thought Leadership work on our website to receive unlimited visibility and improve your SEO


  • Private Membership Directory
  • Private LinkedIn Communities
  • Opportunities to strengthen relationships and leadership by serving on your group’s Executive Committee and/or volunteer for high-visibility roles to strengthen relationships and leadership
  • Receive exclusive ProVisors emails alerting you to business opportunities. Send in your own referral alerts for nationwide distribution

New member fast-track ramp-up program

  • All members are vetted to ensure a community of experienced high-quality trusted advisors
  • If approved, you’re invited into a group that is the best fit for you
  • Dedicated Regional Director and Member Services Representative for each region to guide you through ramp-up program
  • Individualized “concierge” approach to get you familiar with our community, resources and benefits
  • Exclusive Accelerator Workshops to help you with tips on how to get the most out of your membership
  • Personalized introduction process to help you connect with trusted advisors
  • Coaching on how to articulate your unique value proposition
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