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What It Means to Be a Go-Giver

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At ProVisors, we believe in the boomerang effect—what you give comes back to you. There’s power in reciprocity that motivates members to help each other and embrace the role of being go-givers. Here are some things to remember about what it means to be a true go-giver and why we value “Know. Like. Trust. Refer.”

Be a good listener. Troikas give a perfect opportunity to practice listening and asking questions. The most important question in these meetups is “how can I help you?”

Cultivate relationships. The value of sowing seeds is priceless. We build connections with our clients and fellow ProVisors members because we’ve learned the benefits a good relationship can grow. Take time to remember names, businesses, and what’s going on in others’ lives.

Be yourself. People respond best to authenticity. Don’t pretend to be someone else—that fake someone is not the valued professional here, you are. The best you can offer clients and ProVisors members is you.

Appreciate testimonial opportunities. At ProVisors meetings, the chance to give testimonials offers us practice in not selling ourselves but in thanking and lifting up others.

Don’t expect anything in return. When you give a referral, don’t play the game of remembering “who owes me what.” Hold the desire to help others succeed without an ulterior motive, because that reinforces a connection that holds more value than a business opportunity.

Redefine your worth. Focus more on serving people to the best of your abilities, regardless of the monetary gain. That should lead to the greatest impact on both your personal worth and wealth. The more you help others succeed, the more you will too.

Look out for fellow ProVisors. If everyone is looking out for each other, then you can spend less time looking out for yourself and more time investing in your relationships. Referrals naturally follow after trust and friendship are first established.



ProVisors Affinity Groups

The Power of Affinity Groups

By ProVisors Blog

ProVisors is all about the power of relationships, and in addition to your Home Group, our Affinity Groups offer you a unique opportunity to network with other members working in similar fields or specific markets.

Explore over 80 Affinity Groups. Search and register for these groups on the ProVisors Hub. From our Lawyers and Women’s Groups to Real Estate and Mergers & Acquisitions Groups, ProVisors members can join like-minded members who benefit from a common interest.

Gain valuable insight on a monthly basis. Affinity Group members and guests attend monthly meetings (currently via ZoomTM) that contain an educational component. Each of these meetings have a topic or presenter with a focused message providing industry-specific information or tools. Now, with all meetings being virtual, this is a great time to attend Affinity Groups in all regions!

Earn continuing education credits. Some Affinity Groups provide these credits, such as many of the Lawyers, Real Estate, and Estate Planning groups. Search the Hub to find out if any group that pertains to you offers this opportunity.

Connect deeper with Troikas. Just like a Home Group meeting, Troikas are created after each Affinity Group meeting. Having the chance to form strong relationships with professionals who share the same special interest can benefit you greatly in the short and long term.

Affinity Groups are the gems of ProVisors and are part of membership at no additional cost. Take advantage of this opportunity to Know, Like, Trust, and Refer people who want to see you succeed.



ProVisors - Learn to Master and Promote Your Webinar

How to Master and Promote Webinars on ProVisors

By ProVisors Blog

Webinars have become 2020’s solution to in-person events and conferences. With many professionals across industries developing online content, it’s important to stand out as a thought leader and have your presence and expertise known, especially to your ProVisors network.

Mastering Webinars

Create webinars that deliver informative, relevant information to your clients and ProVisors community. Here are tips to remember when building your webinar.
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ProVisors Virtual Networking Tips

10 Powerful Virtual Networking Tips

By ProVisors Blog

Whether you’re trying to build up your client base or are searching for ways to stay connected to the ones you have, here are our top 10 tips to help you virtually network.

  1. Attend your Home Group Meeting. The first place to practice your virtual networking and explore opportunities should be with ProVisors members you Know, Like & Trust.
ProVisors Virtual Troika

Top 3 Benefits of Virtual Troikas During COVID-19

By ProVisors Blog

We wanted to take a moment to applaud our ProVisors members for embracing virtual Troikas during this COVID-19 outbreak that has forced us all into a new kind of normal.

Troikas are an invaluable ProVisors tool used to foster friendships and connections outside of meetings. During social distancing, Troikas have gone virtual and have been extremely successful. Here are the top three benefits of virtual Troikas that our members are experiencing. Read More

Provisors Internet Connectivity for PV Zoom

Tips for Better Internet Connection During PV ZoomTM Meetings

By ProVisors Blog

As we are all continuing to adjust to at-home work life, you hopefully have had a chance by now to set up your workspace. If you have been experiencing Internet troubles before or during your virtual meetings, you are not alone. To help, here are a couple things to note about your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Test your Internet speed. Simply type in “speed test” on Google and you can click their “run speed test” button to test your Internet speed through Google. Depending on the results, you may consider an Internet upgrade through your service provider. 

Note: For ZoomTM, there is a minimum bandwidth connection requirement. ZoomTM requires your device to be able to handle at least 800kbps/1.0Mbps (up/down) for high quality group video calling.

  • Be close to your Wi-Fi router. To have the best possible connection, be close to your router and/or consider plugging your computer or laptop into your router with the ethernet/network cable. An ethernet cable most likely came with your router.

To learn more about internet connections, routers, and the Wi-Fi speed you have at home, click here.

If you’re still having trouble after testing your speed and meeting the bandwidth requirements, these tips should be considered before attending your virtual meeting:

  • Tell everyone in your home to take a break during your meeting. This might be the #1 culprit. If several people in your home are streaming on Netflix, playing video games, or perhaps your significant other is also on a ZoomTM call, it will cause the Internet to run slower.
  • Click a link to join the call instead of dialing in by phone if you aren’t already practicing this. If you’re using a service like ZoomTM, you have the option to use your computer’s audio which may be more reliable at peak times than the dial-in phone option. This also helps ZoomTM meeting participants know who’s speaking on the call.
  • Jump on the call ahead of time. Get on the call sooner to make sure your connection is stable before the meeting starts.
  • As a last resort, cut the video. Audio conferencing uses far less bandwidth than video conferencing, so your chances of having a call that won’t drop for someone in the meeting is higher. Of course, use this as a last resort, since video communication is important.

We hope these tips help you when you go to set up your next virtual meeting. Connection with others is more important than ever before, so keep trying new solutions!

We are ALL in this together.


ProVisors Coronavirus Business Resource Center

By ProVisors Blog

The Coronavirus pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges to all businesses, like those impacted by disruptions to their supply chains, withering demand for their products and worker unavailability resulting from sustained social distancing. 

The ProVisors Coronavirus Business Resource Center provides up-to-date information to help our members stay informed during these challenging times.

We hope you have found these resources helpful and we will continue to update our members on new resources as they become available.

We’re ALL in this together,

ProVisors - Staying connected with PV-Zoom

Resources for PV Zoom Meetings and Troikas

By ProVisors Blog

Attending PV Zoom meetings, Troikas and virtual social group events are key to staying connected, staying relevant and accessing our members as resources. Here are tools for making the most of PV Zoom and staying connected.

Joining a ProVisors PV Zoom Meeting:

You do not need a personal Zoom account to participate in a PV Zoom Meeting

Step-by-step instructions on joining your PV Zoom meeting and how to participate, are available at .

  • Virtual Meetings Using PV ZoomInformation on how to join your PV Zoom meeting.
  • Attending a PV Zoom Meeting and Meeting Etiquette – General video tips on camera use, sound and meeting etiquette.
  • How to Participate in the Meeting – Using the chat feature for comments and questions.

Setting Up a Troika on Zoom:

  1. You, or one of the 3 members of your Troika will need to set up a personal Zoom account to set a Troika meeting.Simply go to and follow the steps to setting up your Zoom account. Watch this video if you would like to see a quick tutorial on setting up your account
  2. Setting up a Troika Zoom meeting is quick and simple. Watch this how-to video for set up steps

If you need further assistance with participating in or setting up PV Zoom meetings, please contact us at (818) 382-6496. We are here to help you!

We’re ALL in this together,