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ProVisors is essential for business. 

Click here to watch a video to learn more about ProVisors or click here to complete a Prospective Member Questionnaire to attend a group meeting. 


JOIN ProVisors to:

  • Expand your professional community
  • Gain knowledge across multiple professional sectors
  • Share resources to benefit your clients and yourself
  • Participate in efficient, facilitated group meetings
  • Interact with your peers across complementary industries
  • Learn effective business development techniques
  • Broaden your horizons, professionally and personally


ProVisors® Membership

ProVisors is successful because our members are committed to helping one another.  To maintain the quality of our membership and ensure that “trust” remains paramount, ProVisors membership is “by invitation only.” 

ProVisors members average 25 years of experience in their professional fields.  Members serve clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 entities, with an emphasis on middle market companies, their owners, and high net-worth individuals.


Are you Qualified to be a ProVisors Member?

If you respond “Yes” to the statements below, we invite you to learn more about membership in ProVisors

  • I possess a valid professional license or credential, if required, have not ever been the subject of a regulatory sanction, have not had a license or credential removed by any licensing or professional society, and have not been convicted of a crime concerning professional competence or character issues.
  • I am a respected professional advisor in the field of accounting, law, banking and finance, financial services, insurance, real estate, investment management, human resources, marketing, or consulting.
  • I am committed to proactively sharing my time, expertise and relationships to benefit my clients, other ProVisors members and their clients. 
  • I have deep relationships with my clients and other professionals and I am able and willing to make connections to benefit them.
  • I serve clients ranging from small to Fortune 500 entities, with an emphasis on middle market companies, their owners, and other high net-worth individuals.
  • I will attend and participate in at least 75% of my home-group meetings.
  • I will engage in TROIKA™ meetings to make connections with my fellow members, to gain knowledge, personal connectivity, and determine chemistry to collaborate with each other.
  • I will be responsive to my fellow members.


How do I Learn More about Membership?

  1. Call 888-684-4437 to speak with a ProVisors staff member.
  2. Explore ProVisors’ website to learn more about membership benefits.
  3. Click here to complete a Prospective Member Questionnaire (PMQ), which asks basic information about you and your expertise to help Group Leaders properly introduce and connect you with other members. 
  4. Attend 1-2 group meetings as a guest.
  5. Go on a troika to learn more about 2-3 other members from the meeting.
  6. Apply to Join.


Why Join?  


97%* of members surveyed responded that ProVisors successfully expands their professional community, and enables them to access quality resources for their clients. 

*Percentage of respondents to an anonymous survey who ranked benefit as “Beating” or “Meeting” expectations, April 2012.


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