I was able to refer ten ProVisors experts to my clients, with five becoming closed new businesses. My clients think I'm a hero as a result.

Chris AbatoMoneta Vista Advisors, Inc.

When I first joined ProVisors, I was told that the objective was for the relationships I made to generate at least 20% of my recurring revenue each year - it didn't take me very long for that to be true!

Jeffrey GlassmanErvin Cohen & Jessup LLP

I joined ProVisors with an eye on expanding my footprint in Southern California; 10 years later, I have increased my revenues by 45% and expanded into the Los Angeles, Orange County & Inland Empire markets. ProVisors is a fabulous networking platform!

John Van DeusenFRS Executive Search | ProVisors, San Diego

Before ProVisors I was a member of over 10 different groups to grow and support my practice. ProVisors eliminated the need for all of them and has given me a go to place to network and grow with the best and the brightest on every community I work in!

Sarah Reznick Edward Jones | ProVisors, Los Angeles

As a small law firm, having such a “deep bench” of qualified professionals is immeasurable. The unexpected bonus of my ProVisors membership are the number of wonderful friends I’ve made since joining.

Chrissa Corday Corday & Hartney, PLC | ProVisors, San Diego

I joined ProVisors 5+ years ago to build meaningful professional relationships to support my career. Now 40% of my agency’s revenue and 80% of my outbound referrals come from these relationships.

Nathan CraigCulture Insurance Group | ProVisors, San Diego

5x ROI on my investment in ProVisors in the first two months since joining! More importantly, by referring professionals to my existing clients, I am building stronger relationships with them.

Marek Omilian Value Prism Consulting | ProVisors, Seattle

ProVisors is the most effective personal network of high-level professionals and is without any equal. I have become the “go to” phone call for my clients to solve the many challenges their work and life require.

William VickMorgan Stanley | ProVisors, San Francisco

ProVisors has dramatically increased my network with seasoned professionals - deepening my relationship with clients who view me as a trusted advisor looking after their best interests.

Pete RavaniCBIZ Retirement Plan Services | ProVisors, Silicon Valley

I have been a member of Provisors since 2014 and it has turned out, easily, to be one of the best strategic moves of my 35 year career in real estate lending.

Jim ArgoJames W. Argo, Mortgage Banker Advisor | ProVisors, San Francisco

ProVisors has been instrumental in the increase of my firm’s revenue; more importantly, ProVisors has become an invaluable resource for my firm’s clients, given its numerous experienced and qualified professionals.

Rosana Ortega Ortega Business Law Firm APC | ProVisors, San Diego

ProVisors is the networking group I was looking for. A group of vetted professionals where the focus is establishing relationships of trust first. The referrals naturally follow and the friendships are priceless.

Carol GloverChase Law Group | ProVisors, Los Angeles

The wealth of professional resources, relationships, connections and referrals are incomparable and priceless to any other organization I’ve been associated with.

Jesse Laikin Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate | ProVisors, Los Angeles

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