We wanted to take a moment to applaud our ProVisors members for embracing virtual Troikas during this COVID-19 outbreak that has forced us all into a new kind of normal.

Troikas are an invaluable ProVisors tool used to foster friendships and connections outside of meetings. During social distancing, Troikas have gone virtual and have been extremely successful. Here are the top three benefits of virtual Troikas that our members are experiencing.

1. Connecting with Members in Other Regions

Thanks to online conferencing platforms like Zoom™, ProVisors members have been able to connect with members from other regions for the first time. Use this opportunity to expand your network to a greater distance than ever before.

“Virtual Troikas (Zoikas!) have become a fantastic opportunity for me to meet and stay in touch with Members from other regions, in particular, Affinity Group Members, and connect with two other like-minded members to share mutual interests and substantive content. I have found the Zoom™ calls are easy to set-up, and a great way to stay relevant during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Marc Hankin, Hankin Patent Law
ProVisors Irvine 3


2. Becoming Zoom Savvy

Virtual Troikas have made ProVisors’ members more tech-savvy and in some cases “serial Zoom guesters” like Tami Semler put it.

“ProVisors has provided the silver lining to the current new normal by turning adversity into an opportunity. I have now become a “serial Zoom guester” (over 25 Zoom meetings!) and participated in virtual Troikas for almost all of them. I’ve expanded my PV Community and my personal brand by attending many Affinity Group meetings across regions. I’ve been able to spend quality Troika time meeting fantastic new members, making many introductions and connections AND creating commerce.”

Tami Semler, Ashford Insurance Agency
ProVisors Chicago 3


3. Deepening Connections

During this time of social distancing, it has made communication that much more an important aspect of our lives. Discovering your similar struggles or what uplifts you can be a powerful connector for future opportunities.

“In the last few weeks, I’ve attended 6 Zoom Troikas both within and outside of my region. Individuals have become more open on a personal level as we share the common theme of how COVID-19 has affected our lives, personally and professionally. The result has been a deeper connection with those I already know, and I am getting to Know, Like and Trust members in other regions.”

Jennifer Taddeo, Conn Kavanaugh
ProVisors Boston 3


Krista Mitzel of San Francisco 5 expressed the same sentiment about how COVID-19 has affected our lives and gave great advice on how the conversations have produced deeper connections as we all face this moment together.

“Share how you’re feeling. Be honest about how this crazy time is affecting you and your business. Openly discuss anonymized client situations and seek feedback from your colleagues on how they might see the situation and incorporate their feedback. We can really learn from each other if we continue to be curious, ask questions, and be vulnerable with each other. I think it will allow everyone to make even stronger bonds than we have been able to achieve in the past.”

Krista Mitzel, The Mitzel Group, LLP
ProVisors San Francisco 5

Now is the time to embrace Troikas as an opportunity to meet with members in other regions and form deeper, meaningful connections. 


Remember, we are ALL in this together.



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