Resources for PV-Zoom Meetings and Troikas

By March 26, 2020News
ProVisors - Staying connected with PV-Zoom

Attending PV-Zoom meetings, Troikas and virtual social group events are key to staying connected, staying relevant and accessing our members as resources. Here are tools for making the most of PV-Zoom and staying connected.

Joining a ProVisors PV-Zoom Meeting:

You do not need a personal Zoom account to participate in a PV-Zoom Meeting

Step-by-step instructions on joining your PV-Zoom meeting and how to participate, are available at .

  • Virtual Meetings Using PV-Zoom – Information on how to join your PV-Zoom meeting.
  • Attending a PV-Zoom Meeting and Meeting Etiquette – General video tips on camera use, sound and meeting etiquette.
  • How to Participate in the Meeting – Using the chat feature for comments and questions.

Setting Up a Troika on Zoom:

  1. You, or one of the 3 members of your Troika will need to set up a personal Zoom account to set a Troika meeting.Simply go to and follow the steps to setting up your Zoom account. Watch this video if you would like to see a quick tutorial on setting up your account
  2. Setting up a Troika Zoom meeting is quick and simple. Watch this how-to video for set up steps

If you need further assistance with participating in or setting up PV-Zoom meetings, please contact us at (818) 382-6496. We are here to help you!

We’re ALL in this together,