Attending PV Zoom meetings, Troikas and virtual social group events are key to staying connected, staying relevant and accessing our members as resources. Here are tools for making the most of PV Zoom and staying connected.

Joining a ProVisors PV Zoom Meeting:

You do not need a personal Zoom account to participate in a PV Zoom Meeting

Step-by-step instructions on joining your PV Zoom meeting and how to participate, are available at .

  • Virtual Meetings Using PV ZoomInformation on how to join your PV Zoom meeting.
  • Attending a PV Zoom Meeting and Meeting Etiquette – General video tips on camera use, sound and meeting etiquette.
  • How to Participate in the Meeting – Using the chat feature for comments and questions.

Setting Up a Troika on Zoom:

  1. You, or one of the 3 members of your Troika will need to set up a personal Zoom account to set a Troika meeting.Simply go to and follow the steps to setting up your Zoom account. Watch this video if you would like to see a quick tutorial on setting up your account
  2. Setting up a Troika Zoom meeting is quick and simple. Watch this how-to video for set up steps

If you need further assistance with participating in or setting up PV Zoom meetings, please contact us at (818) 382-6496. We are here to help you!

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