ProVisors members know that even in this world of change, work still needs to get done. Here is our best practices guide to help you get acclimated to effectively working from home.

  1. Set up your workspace: Designate your work area to one room, preferably one with a door that can close for meetings and calls. Your at-home workspace should be comfortable and have all the assets you need to work efficiently.
  2. Keep your morning routine: Wake up at the same time every day and still get dressed for the office.
  3. Have clear boundaries: Pretend you’re not working from home. Colleagues know not to barge into your office when you’re in a meeting. Ask your family and friends to respect your work hours. These boundaries also apply to yourself. Don’t turn the TV on or get distracted with house chores when you wouldn’t normally be during work.
  4. Stick to a schedule: It sounds easy, but only work during work hours. For some, working from home means you can always be working, but that could result in job burnout. Take breaks and time for lunch, and stick to your work schedule.
  5. Check your Wi-Fi connection: If you need a better Wi-Fi connection for work, try to set up your workspace near your router or consider adding a Wi-Fi booster.
  6. Create a new work number: If you don’t have a separate phone for work-related calls, there are options like Google Voice which allow you to set up a new business phone number. Proper Wi-Fi or data reception is needed for this.
  7. Make a task list and track your progress: Manage your productivity by making a clear plan of everything you need to get done in a day.
  8. Stay connected: Check in with your colleagues and boss at the same frequency as when you’re in the office. If your team typically has a meeting at 10am on Mondays, keep the usual meeting time using video and audio conferencing on platforms like Zoom.
  9. Embrace the extra time: If your daily commute took up an extra hour in the morning, consider doing some yoga or brain-training games to help stimulate your mind. While you’re at it, enjoy making breakfast last a little longer.
  10. Celebrate your wins: It might not be easy at first to reach your usual productivity level. Keep a positive attitude and trust in your ability to get things done when they need to be done. You got to where you are for a reason.

Remember, ProVisors is a community of Trusted Advisors that Know, Like and Trust each other. We’re all in this together.


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