Webinars have become 2020’s solution to in-person events and conferences. With many professionals across industries developing online content, it’s important to stand out as a thought leader and have your presence and expertise known, especially to your ProVisors network.

Mastering Webinars

Create webinars that deliver informative, relevant information to your clients and ProVisors community. Here are tips to remember when building your webinar.

  • Choose your platform. If you’re new to webinars, using a popular platform like ZoomTM can make things easy. Check out their instructions on getting started.
  • State the webinar’s purpose. Make sure the title of your webinar is clearly defined. When it comes to the description, stick to simple points that detail what will be covered.
  • Be a Thought Leader. As a ProVisors member, your work experience and unique knowledge are the main tools you need to create informative content. Tell others what you know in a way that they can understand.
  • Don’t rely on a PowerPoint. While graphs and bullet points on a screen can help get your point across, the speaker should be viewable by the audience at the start of the presentation and as much as possible to better connect. Also, don’t read a script or a slide word for word.
  • Test your setup before pressing record. Make sure your camera and microphone work, you’re dressed professionally, and your background isn’t distracting. Platforms like ZoomTM also allow you to do a practice session before broadcasting your webinar.
  • Interact with your audience. Look into the camera as much as possible and use a chat, Q&A, or polling feature to engage with your audience. Having a moderator assist you by asking you audience questions can also help the webinar run smoothly.
  • Record your webinar. Platforms like ZoomTM are set up to record your webinar if you allow it. This way, you can post your webinar to websites and social media afterward.

Promoting Webinars

When it comes to marketing your webinar, ProVisors members are encouraged to post their upcoming or recorded webinars on our Needs/Deals/Wants page on the Hub. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Simply log in to the Hub.
  2. Go to the Needs/Deals/Wants page.
  3. Click New Post.
  4. Choose the Events category to add your webinar details.
    1. Make sure to clearly state your topic and expertise as it pertains to the webinar.
    2. Be sure to add the link to sign up or to send people to the recorded video.
    3. If your webinar is upcoming, promote it at least two weeks in advance to maximize participation.
  5. Hit Save to have your event immediately get posted to the Needs/Deals/Wants section.

These posted events get featured in our weekly Needs/Deals/Wants emails, so make sure you have followed the “Mastering Webinars” tips above to expertly present yourself and your company’s brand.



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