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Want to Receive Less Emails?

Posted By Kristen Rector

RSVP Early, Keep Your Inbox Clean

None of us want to miss our monthly group meeting or special networking event. But with so much information coming into your inbox, how do you make sure to not miss an invitation or meeting reminder?

Here's a helpful tip to make sure you keep an accurate calendar and keep your inbox clean:

RSVP Yes or No as far out as possible to each meeting or event on your My ProVisors homepage. The yellow box lists, at a glance, everything you're RSVP'd to attend and everything you are invited to but have not yet RSVP'd for. 

Did you know? We send two friendly email reminders to non-RSVP'd members to register for their home group meetings. If you're already registered and have added the meeting to your calendar, you won't get these friendly reminders - two less emails in your inbox! This is especially helpful if you know you cannot attend a meeting. RSVP "Not Attending," and you'll be keeping your inbox clear and let your Group Leader know you didn't just not show up.

If you are attending, make sure to watch out for the photo list!
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