Whether you are rebranding yourself on LinkedIn or wanting to increase your chances of showing up in more searches, here are our top five tips for helping you elevate your LinkedIn brand.

  1. Have a good profile picture and make sure your profile is public. Your profile picture should be recent and show you smiling and dressed professionally for work. To help further brand your profile, you could add a background image that’s relevant to your industry or says something important about you. Please note, image sizes may change over time, but current image sizes can be found online.
  2. Update your skills & endorsements section. This section contributes to how you can be found on LinkedIn. First, look at this section and delete unimportant skills. Add skills that are relevant to your position in your industry, and move your most crucial skills to the top. Since only your first level connections can endorse you, also add as many connections as you can. For starters, add your fellow ProVisors members!
  3. Complete your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to update your about section, experience, education, and customize your headline. Think of your profile as a sales pitch. Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn page to show the real professional you, LinkedIn even has its built-in All-Star rating that tells you your profile’s strength. Once you reach an All-Star rating, your profile is much more likely to appear in search results.
  4. Join groups and be involved in the discussion. Make LinkedIn the place you share relevant resources, and comment and like posts that others generate. Comments, with LinkedIn’s current algorithm, have a greater chance than likes at helping content show up in LinkedIn searches. Join ProVisors Regional Group pages and participate there to expand your online network, create more visibility within ProVisors, and make more valuable LinkedIn connections.
  5. Post status updates regularly. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to show up in LinkedIn search results. Outside of private LinkedIn groups, try to post a couple of times per week with information related to your business and also use proper hashtags to help your posts show up on LinkedIn. When it comes to hashtags, try to use no more than three to four and keep them related to the particular post. Finally, double check that your profile is public and that users can see your Articles & Activity so your work as a Thought Leader can be recognized to the fullest extent.

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