As a trusted advisor of the ProVisors community, it’s important to keep your brand presence and status high. Here are five tips to help you.

  1. Communicate with clients. Are your business hours and phone number still the same? Make sure clients know how to get a hold of you. Stay in touch, even if they can’t meet you face-to-face, use video conferencing to connect.
  2. Be a thought leader. Clients who are under a lot of stress are looking for your guidance now more than ever. Positioning yourself as the expert authority on whatever questions they may have can mean a lot at this time. Think about what your clients need to know and be confident in your answers.
  3. Customize your client messages. To help your clients feel more connected to you during a time they really need to feel your trust, make notes or have a spreadsheet handy for the kind of losses your clients have had during this pandemic. A little personalization can go a long way.
  4. Increase your online presence. If you have a professional social media account, now is the time to post more regular content. Adhere to your firm’s guidelines, and when it comes to the latest pandemic news, don’t share inaccurate information. Keep the talk to business and positive outlooks. If you have a website, make sure any important updates are readily visible.
  5. Plan for what comes next. Whether you’re busy or not today, preparing for the future is key. For prospects, make yourself stand out from other advisors. For current clients, let them know you have plans to adapt. Remind them of the tomorrow that is coming.

We are ALL in this together.



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