Whether you’re trying to build up your client base or are searching for ways to stay connected to the ones you have, here are our top 10 tips to help you virtually network.

  1. Attend your Home Group Meeting. The first place to practice your virtual networking and explore opportunities should be with ProVisors members you Know, Like & Trust.
  2. Attend your Virtual Troikas. Establish deeper relationships and practice your video conferencing skills within the Troika’s smaller group setting.

  3. Guest at an Affinity Group Meeting. With all meetings being virtual, take this opportunity to guest at Affinity Groups in your region AND in other regions. Meet new, like-minded professionals.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile lists your most recent work, summarizes who you are (not just your job), and lists your relevant skills.
  5. Have a good profile picture and update your privacy settings. Make sure to have a nice profile picture on all your professional profiles and check that your privacy settings are set to public viewing if you want clients to see your posts and information.
  6. Join online groups and forums. Groups on LinkedIn can be a wonderful resource for connecting with professionals. A great place to start would be ProVisors’ Regional LinkedIn groups. Also consider Facebook groups and other online forums that will help give you new resources.

  7. Write a blog. You’re a Trusted Advisor, let others know it! Write what you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and invite your personal and professional network to comment and discuss.
  8. Check out webinars being posted by ProVisors members on Thought Leadership. With most events virtual right now, soak up all the knowledge you can from professional webinars. Keep an eye out for ProVisors Webinars.
  9. Get in touch with clients and make video conferencing an option. While texts and thoughtful emails can be a good source of comfort to your clients, video conferencing can give that extra personal connection that others are looking for.
  10. Reach out to old contacts. This is the time to reconnect with former colleagues and old classmates on social media to see how they are doing during the pandemic. That connection can spark a great future networking opportunity.





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