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Newport Irvine - Consulting & Service

Specialties: Lawyers and Law Firms

Jerome M Bame
Coach/Mentor/Advisor to Lawyers - Professional Business Coaches

I am a Coach/Mentor/Advisor to Lawyers and Law Firms. I address Lawyers' practice issues! I help Lawyers be successful in their Practices, and satisfied, fulfilled and happy in their work, so that they are glad that they became, and are, Lawyers. I have been doing this for the past 13 years of my 53-year legal career.

    10061 Talbert Ave
Fountain Valley, CA  92708-5123

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  Profession Consulting & Service
  Specialty Lawyers and Law Firms
  Group IRV3 [EC] ~ OCLLP [EC]
  Business Name Professional Business Coaches
  Title Coach/Mentor/Advisor to Lawyers
  Address 10061 Talbert Ave
Suite 200
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-5123
  Work Phone (714)962-4477
  Web Site
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  Member Since 7/1996
I address Lawyers' practice issues!
Perhaps the Lawyer is not as "successful" as they want to be; or, not as profitable as they need to be; or, not as organized and efficient as they should be; or, because of the stresses related to their work and the nature of our profession, they are no longer as passionate (or "happy") practicing law as they used to be.
They may have issues that they do not want to discuss with their colleagues or others in their Firm...issues that they would prefer to discuss with someone totally detached - - someone who can be completely objective - - someone who, like themselves, is a Lawyer and has "walked in their shoes."
This is what I do, and have been doing for the past 13 years of my 53-year legal career.
Lawyers, as a whole, are hesitant to make changes and attempt something different.
However, oftentimes, a little change here and there can make a significant difference in a Lawyer's practice (and, quite possibly, their "life").
We Lawyers get hired to "fix" other people's problems, issues and concerns.
All day long - all week long (7 days a week, for some Lawyers) we address and resolve the problems, issues and concerns of others. We are diligent, resolute and responsive when it comes to addressing matters pertaining to our clients.
-when we know that we are not as effective, efficient and organized as we should be?
-when we know that we are not as successful as we can, or want to, be?
-when we know that our work-life balance is not what it should be?
-when we no longer have the passion for the work that we do?
-when work-related thoughts continually keep us up at night?
-when we are no longer as "happy" as we once were?
We Lawyers tend to place our own problems, issues and concerns at the "bottom of the stack," if not ignore them all together.
I have dedicated these past 13 years (of my 53-year legal career) to helping other Lawyers be BETTER LAWYERS and HAPPIER LAWYERS.
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  Graduate Degrees Bachelor of Commerce
Public Speaker

  License Number California Bar #30793

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