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Specialties: Criminal

Adam Braun
- Law Offices of Adam H. Braun

Adam Braun is a criminal defense attorney with special expertise in financial and other white collar offenses, including tax evasion, insider trading, customs-related offenses, economic espionage, political corruption and health care fraud. Mr. Braun is a former federal prosecutor.

    1880 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA  90067-1618

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  Profession Attorney
  Specialty Criminal
  Group SM3
  Business Name Law Offices of Adam H. Braun
  Address 1880 Century Park East
Suite 710
Los Angeles, CA 90067-1618
  Work Phone (310)277-2272
  Fax (310)277-2270
  Web Site
  Member Since 8/2010
As a criminal defense attorney and federal prosecutor before that, Mr. Braun has handled a wide range of criminal cases in federal and state court including:

Insider trading, tax evasion, economic espionage, bribery, political corruption and campaign-related offenses, tariff evasion and other customs-related offenses, health care fraud, offenses related to the dispensing of medications by physicians, false corporate records and accounting fraud, regulatory offenses related to wholesale distribution and storage of meat and other food products, weapons and explosives trafficking, money laundering, computer hacking and intrusion, illegal telephone wiretapping, and vehicle-related offenses such as driving under the influence and reckless driving.
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Mr. Braun has represented clients from the political, business, entertainment, professional sports, medical and legal communities. His clients have included political consultants, music industry executives, defense industry contractors, physicians, screenwriters, patent-holding inventors, professional athletes, and business persons in industries as varied as international trade, the defense industry, vehicle manufacturing and distribution, textiles, and agriculture.
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  Social Clubs Board of Directors, Brentwood Homeowners Assn.
  Graduate Degrees University of Virginia School of Law, J.D.
  College Degrees Princeton University, B.A. History
Presentations before law enf., journalism & lawyers assns.
  Organizations Los Angeles County Bar Assn.; Criminal Justice Inn of Court

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